The seven (7) in MAM73 denotes Leadership, Value, Integrity, Collaboration, Strategy, Innovation, and Quality. The three (3) in MAM73 denotes our three company truths:

  1. We develop what is new and different.
  2. We develop products with purpose.
  3. We think strategically to create demand for our products.

From a strategic perspective, the motion of an organization (the operational value) can be magnified when leveraging a mix of business culture, people, innovative products, and technologies. Our magnitude (direction and quantity of our efforts) is directed to improve the human condition and provide the highest quality products, goods, and services. MAM73.COM, LLC was founded by Jehoshaphat K. Jones in 2021. Our 73 mission is to develop forward-looking solutions, drive strategy and innovation into business operations, and deliver new and useful products. Our core business solutions include: 

  • MAM73 Innovation Center: Business Consulting, Business/Strategic Planning (MAM73 Vector), Digital Communications (, Digital Publishing and Journals (MAM73 Publishing Co.,, Entertainment and Sports Management, Information Security (Encryption ID), Political Platforms (, Renewable Energy Solutions, Transportation and Logistics
  • MAM73 Research: Commercial/Business Research, K12 Research, Data Analytics, Qualitative, Quantitative, and Survey Analysis
  • MAM73 Education - Digital Training Platforms: Early Learning Platforms, Community Programs, Fatherhood+
  • MAM73 Luxe - Luxury Apparel, Products, Services: MAM73 Brand, MAM73 Velocity Brand
  • MAM73 Premium Beverages: MAM73 Thirst
  • Real Estate Investments: BillingerJones Real Estate, Agency Solutions, Buyer/Seller Consulting